【June 6th】Maintenance Notice(Correction in part)

【June 6th】Maintenance Notice(Correction in part)

On June 6, 2024, at 22:30 (JST), we will update the PC client to fix the following issues that have arisen from the update on June 6, 2024.
This fix will only require an update of the client software, so the service will not undergo maintenance. After the above time, you can update by relaunching the game from the website.
We have also submitted the Android and iOS versions for app review. As soon as they pass the review, we will proceed with the update. We ask for your patience for a little while longer.
The iOS and Android version of the app can now be updated. The 61latest version (1.0.61) includes the following updates.(added on 6/7 12:50)

There was an error in part of the announcement content, so the relevant section has been corrected in red.
*June 5, 2024, 12:39 (UTC)

Thank you for always playing GENSO PROJECT.

We will conduct GensoKishi online maintenance on June 6th 2024, at 5:00~9:00(UTC).
During this period, GensoKishi will be unavailable online. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

The maintenance details are below:

■PvP mode is now available for public testing at Hikone LAND

・We will conduct a trial release of the PvP mode at Hikone LAND, accessible from the Elrond Mall.

・In the future, we plan to enable PvP in GENSO's LAND. However, to identify the specifications and plans necessary to realize PvP, we asked Hikone City to temporarily enable the PvP mode in the currently open Hikone LAND.

・To create a PvP experience that everyone can enjoy, we look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions via the following form.

>>>Feedback and suggestions form about PvP<<<

・For reference, the current settings in Hikone LAND are as follows:

  1. Damage Calculation: Physical attack damage reduction based on defence is increased. Additionally, damage is calculated at 1/10 of the normal calculation.
  2. Adjustment of Status Ailment Effects: The duration of sleep, paralysis, slowness, immobilisation, and silence is shorter than on normal maps.
  3. HP/MP upon Map Entry: Fully restored upon entry. However, when returning to the normal map, HP/MP returns to their pre-entry levels.
  4. Safety Veil: Active for 1 minute after map entry. During this time, players cannot be targeted by attacks from other players, and attacks cannot be performed. Party formation is possible during this period.
  5. Equipment Condition Deterioration: Only in HikoneLAND, combat does not cause deterioration.
  6. Item Usage: Item usage is disabled within PvP maps.
  7. Automatic Recovery from food: Disabled. However, if you had food before entering the map, be aware that satiety will decrease over time.
  8. Handling of Certain Skills: Skills related to hate or links, such as [Provoke] and [Feign Death], have no effect.
  9. Death Penalty: There is no penalty for experiencing revival. Additionally, players will respawn at the Elrond Mall upon death.

■Raising the character level cap from 30 to 40.

Players can continue growing their characters beyond level 30 as the level cap has increased.
When levelling up, players can still allocate 60 stat points as before. However, skill levels will remain capped at level 30.

Additionally, there are rules regarding penalties on item drop rates and experience points gained based on the level difference between players and target monsters. Penalties are applied if the monster's level is lower than the player's.
However, once players reach level 31 or higher, their level will always be considered level 30 for drop rate and experience point calculations. Therefore, levelling up will have no drawbacks, so players can level up with peace of mind.

<June 6, 2024, 04:00 (UTC) Update>
Characters at level 31 and above will also be attacked by active monsters of level 26 and above, just like level 30 characters.

For those who are already at level 30, they may have accumulated experience points up to 9,999,999EXP. After this update, this accumulated experience will be counted towards reaching level 31 from level 30.

■Implementation of an NPC to remove cosplay equipment in bulk

An NPC will be implemented near the warehouse NPCs at each base to remove cosplay equipment in bulk.
The available methods for removal are as follows:

1.Remove all equipment of the current job
・Remove all equipment sets used by the current job.

2.Remove all fashionable items of the current job
・Remove all fashionable items (including appearances) used by the current job.

3.Remove all equipment of the current job
・Remove all fashionable items (including appearances) and equipment sets used by the current job.

4.Remove all equipment of all jobs
・Remove all fashionable items (including appearances) and equipment sets used by all jobs.

5.Remove all fashionable items
・Remove all fashionable items registered in the fashionable set.

If there are enough available slots in the inventory, all of them will be removed at once. If there are not enough available slots, as many as possible will be removed.
When using this NPC, please prepare enough empty slots in your inventory in advance.

■Addition of lip-sync expressions to characters

Characters will now perform lip-sync animations when using chat.

■Changes to the design of some shop NPCs' signboards

The designs of the shop signboards placed behind shop NPCs will be renewed.

■Changes to the item descriptions of various Mithril and Universal Fiber items

Changes to the item descriptions of various Mithril and Universal Fiber items.

■Removal of the Poyon distributing Skill Tree Reset Gems

With this maintenance, the Poyon that has been available since May 23, 2024, will be removed. If you have not yet received the item, please do so ASAP.

As initially announced, the distribution of the Skill Tree Reset Orbs was scheduled until 14:00 on May 30, 2024. We apologize for the incorrect information provided.

■Changes to the fade-in and fade-out expressions of objects and characters based on distance from the target

When approaching the target object or character, they will gradually fade in to become visible, and when moving away, they will gradually fade out.
With this change, the distance at which objects such as signboards are visible or invisible when in their presence or absence will be shorter. This adjustment is made to manage the load on the terminal operating the game. Your understanding would be greatly appreciated.
※Additionally, please note that there may be some impact on the appearance of certain items created in UGC due to this change. If any issues arise, don't hesitate to contact us through the official website's inquiry form.

■Change the scroll speed on screens displaying skill window descriptions.

The scroll speed will be increased compared to before.

■Rename some NFTs *This update is scheduled to be reflected today around 6/6 19:00 (JST) (Added at 6/6 17:15)
It turns out that the update still needs time, so it will be postponed to tomorrow (added on 6/6 19:20)

Upon export, certain items have different in-game names and NFT names for the following NFTItemIDs. Therefore, the names of the corresponding NFTs will be corrected as follows.
※Note that not all items are subject to this change, as some items may already have the corrected names.

・Demon Sergeant Oni's hat → Trick Hat

・Demon Sergeant's uniform → Trick Suit

・Demon Sergeant's Shoes → Trick Boots

・Karambit → Optical Camouflage Cloak

・Knife → Knife Bit

・Officer's Coat → Thousand lights


・DOGE Skateboard → Skateboarding Doge

■Fixed the following issues:

  • Fixed a bug where other players' casting effects were not hidden when the skill effect display option in the graphics settings was set to anything other than "All."
  • Reviewed the collision detection processing for characters and objects. Please note that due to this adjustment, there may be instances where previously accessible locations become inaccessible. If you notice any issues, don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Fixed a bug where some parts of the book reward section were not displayed in traditional Chinese.
  • Fixed a bug where some book quests displayed hints for spirits in the reward section.
  • Fixed a bug where opening the book screen from the quest screen also opened the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the arrow indicating the exit of the Kalhari Coastカルハリ海岸 was not displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where HP bars were displayed above the heads of monsters targeted during auto-battle.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting "cancel" in the dialogue box for sending friend requests would also open the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the green frame would not appear, and the touch would not register when selecting the target information section while choosing the target for skills aimed at player characters, such as heels.


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