Genso X Virtual G-Shock Joint Campaigns

Genso X Virtual G-Shock Joint Campaigns

GensoKishi is thrilled to announce its joint campaigns with another enterprise level project that has just debuted on the Web3 space last September of 2023, Virtual G-Shock!

Virtual G-Shock project is a Web3 project that is created by the world renowned, hippest, and most prestigious G-Shock watch brand made by Casio company on our move to secure more enterprise level companies! 

Virtual G-Shock has allotted a total of 50 whitelist slots for Genso’s communities. These whitelist slots will earn users a guaranteed slot for an earlier entry to buy from December 15-16, 2023, 03:00 UTC, a Virtual G-Shock watch NFT called VGA-001 (1000 pieces) and VGA-002 (1000 pieces), of which only 2000 in total will be available. 

Each NFT watch will cost 0.1 ETH. 1 slot can have a maximum of 3 pieces of NFTs per collection, which will have a total of 6 NFTs altogether.

More details about the Virtual G-Shock Sales and NFTs found here:

For these series of collaborations, we will initially do the following below:

1. We will be holding an AMA’s with Virtual G-Shock Team in Genso’s official X page and we will be randomly picking 5 winners during the AMA’s and will be sending a Direct Message on their X accounts, to be able to get them to fill out the forms for whitelist slots to be sent out. These will be surely guaranteed 1 slot for each of the winners. 

The AMA’s will be conducted in English and Japanese on December 8, 2023, 12:30 UTC Time to discuss more about Virtual G-Shock project. 

2. We will have an X campaign with 10 whitelist slots for distribution, TBA for more details so make sure to keep staying tuned to Genso's official X page. The X campaign will end 3:00 am (UTC) on December 7. From the list of participants, Virtual G-Shock will randomly select 10 winners from those who accomplished the require tasks and forms. Please make sure to follow instructions carefully. 

3. Genso will also have an in-game campaign via the Dragon Tower mode of the game, of which, 35 whitelist slots will be given. These will be guaranteed whitelist slots

A. From December 5, 07:00 (UTC) to December 9, 2023 to 23:59 (UTC), we will be selecting 35 random winners from those who do Dragon Tower runs in both SG and JP regions.

B. The winners will be announced on or before December 10, 2023, and receive via their registered email address the forms they have to fill out at once and submit on or before December 11, 2023, 12:00 UTC to qualify for the whitelist slots. You will receive the confirmation email containing the link for the official minting page. Once you have received the link, ensure to prepare everthing needed for the said minting to mint your NFTs. Note that minting will be on an FCFS basis despite advanced schedules.

C. For JP regions, we will be allotting 25 winners to receive 1 whitelist slot each. For SG regions, we will be allotting 10 winners to receive 1 whitelist slot each. 

More to come in this series of collaborations so keep staying tuned!

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