Second Season of MV Bonds GO LIVE!!

Second Season of MV Bonds GO LIVE!!

Thanks everyone for playing GENSOKISHI Online!!

We had an amazing turnaround last month with our MV Bonds on Quickswap (powered by Apeswap).
We're now going live with our second season now so check it out!

◾️What are MV Bonds??

Liquidity Bonds offer users the opportunity to sell their liquidity provider (LP) tokens in exchange for an NFT that represents access to discounted tokens relative to the current market price. These tokens vest over time, becoming available to the holder of the Liquidity Bonds NFT linearly.

Users that acquire MV Bonds will mint a unique NFT that will vest MV linearly for 30 days.

The Bond discount is dynamic and changes with user interaction and the length of the Bond Sale. When a user buys, the discount goes down. The more time between purchases, the discount slowly goes up. When the price of our token goes up, the discount of the Bond will also increase (best way to get the biggest ROE). Bond prices are directly proportional to demand and inversely proportional to time. Accordingly, MV Bond pricing is determined by three primary factors:

- Current live price of MV.
- Time since the last Bond was purchased.
- Demand for the MV Bond.

How to Buy
① Go to Quickswap and get liquidity tokens by providing liquidity to the MV/USDT pair

② Go to the Bonds page and purchase the MV bonds using those LP Tokens

③ The Bonds will mint a unique NFT that will vest MV linearly for 30 days.


Hope you enjoy more with our Quickswap x Apeswap collab MV Bonds!! 
More details coming...!