GENSO x IndiGG announce partnership!!

GENSO x IndiGG announce partnership!!

GensoKishi proudly announces its partnership with IndiGG, the largest web3 gaming guild in Indian who has been the catalyst of community growth in the country. This strategic collaboration will enhance the GensoKishi community and introducing it to a broader audience.

GENSO Quests for the IndiGG Community

GensoKishi Online, known for its immersive metaverse experience, has joined hands with IndiGG to craft a multifaceted strategy aimed at driving community growth in India. A pivotal component of this strategy is the creation of exclusive quests within the GensoKishi Online metaverse, designed specifically for the IndiGG community. These quests will not only captivate existing GensoKishi players but also open the door for newcomers to explore the thrilling world of GensoKishi.

Beyond in-game quests, IndiGG is harnessing its extensive social media presence to create awareness and excitement for GensoKishi Online. The collaboration between GensoKishi and IndiGG is set to reinforce the existing community and, at the same time, attract fresh players, breathing new life into the GensoKishi metaverse.

A Shared Vision for GensoKishi's Future in India

This partnership between GensoKishi and IndiGG represents more than a mere business collaboration; it symbolizes the union of two entities with a shared vision. Both organizations are deeply rooted in the blockchain gaming space and are fully aware of the transformative potential of the metaverse.

GensoKishi Online is dedicated to providing players with an immersive and rewarding experience, while IndiGG recognizes the critical role that vibrant player communities play in the success of blockchain-based projects. The exclusive quests and social media initiatives, spearheaded by this partnership, stand as a testament to their unwavering commitment to enhance the GensoKishi experience.

As these two visionary entities align their strategies and resources, the future of GensoKishi Online is undeniably promising. This partnership not only holds the promise of growth but also of sustainability. Through continuous engagement with the existing community and the attraction of fresh enthusiasts, GensoKishi Online is positioned to set a new standard in the blockchain gaming world.


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