Regarding the issue of changes in the feel of skill usage compared to before

Regarding the issue of changes in the feel of skill usage compared to before

Thank you for always playing GensoKishi Online!

We have been making various adjustments to chanting bars, skill reservations, and skill cancellations since before. This time, we are implementing measures against cheats and thoroughly refurbishing the program around skill behaviors.

As a result, we have received reports of cases where there is a delay until the next skill activation compared to before. In order to withstand various future updates and operations, the current behavior is considered the correct specification.

While some people have requested a return to the previous state, reverting to the past would be equivalent to discarding all the bug fixes, countermeasures against misuse, and updates related to skill cancellations we have done in the past. Therefore, we sincerely apologize but we cannot implement it.

Additionally, we plan to make the following fixes soon:

  • The shortcut icon effect is not displayed when using skills.
  • Skills that require target selection, such as Bishop's Healing, cannot reach the target selection screen while chanting.

If there are any other areas where behavior has clearly changed compared to before, please feel free to contact us.
While we cannot revert everything to the previous state, we will do our best to address as many issues as possible.

Finally, we deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused by the processing parts for which we did not make announcements. As mentioned earlier, since the purpose of this update was to implement cheat prevention measures, we had concerns that announcing it would undermine these measures.
Additionally, since this update was not expected to affect the gameplay experience, we proceeded with the update without announcing it.

We intend to continue updating to minimize the impact on everyone's gaming experience. However, depending on the processing or the nature of the fixes, similar cases may still occur in the future.

Thank you for your understanding in advance.

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