Lottery Event for GENSO Lucky Chance#3

Lottery Event for GENSO Lucky Chance#3

Thank you for always playing GensoKishi.


 We have decided to hold the GENSO Lucky Chance #3 lottery event on the GENSO official Discord.


November 12th, 2023 at 12:00pm (UTC)

■How to participation in the Lottery:

  • We will provide instructions in the official Discord's announcement section.
  • Once the scheduled time comes, we will conduct the lottery via a live broadcast.
  • The event will be hosted by moderators "DON_san" and "NONOKA."
    'Nobara,' 'Meg,' and 'Janonits' will be support members.

■ How to Confirm Your Lottery Number:

  • Please check the "Your Chance" sheet in this spreadsheet to find your wallet address.
    Your Chance Number will be issued according to the number of GENSO Lucky Chance #3 cards you hold. 

■ Lottery Procedure:

  • First, we will conduct the lottery for the NFT prizes provided by the sponsoring project. The numbers selected in this lottery will also be eligible for the main lottery later. Please be aware that the same number may win twice.
  • After the lottery for the sponsoring project prizes is completed, we will determine the winning numbers for the top prizes in the main lottery. The announcement of the winning numbers in the main lottery will be for the following prizes.
  1. 100,000,000mMVx 1
  2. LAND(2x2) x 1
  3. LAND(1x1) x 2
  4. 10,000,000mMV x 2
  5. Amano's Egg x 3
  6. Quickswap Dragon Shield x 20
  7. New SR Cosplay Equipment(7 pieces) x 4
  8. 1,000,000mMV x 5
  9. Ramen Card x 18
  • Once the above-mentioned lotteries are completed, we will automatically conduct a random number drawing for other prizes. After the drawing is completed, the prize names will be automatically filled in next to each respective Chance Number in "Your Chance”.
  • For those using a computer, we will also provide an exe tool for checking the lottery results.
    Please download and unzip the zip file, then launch "LotteryNumberChecker.exe" located within the folder. Paste your wallet address in "Your Wallet address" and click the "Check" button to see which prizes you have won.
    *Please try launching the exe file after the lottery event has concluded, as it references the lottery result list.

Regarding the sending of NFTs, it will be carried out on November 13, 2023.