Embarking on an epic Web3 Adventure with Astar Network!

Embarking on an epic Web3 Adventure with Astar Network!

Hello, Genso Knights!

Exciting news awaits as we stand on the brink of an incredible new venture! We’re overjoyed to announce a partnership with Astar Network, marking a significant milestone in our journey to redefine the gaming landscape. Our union with Astar promises an immersive gaming experience empowered by the limitless potential of blockchain technology.

◾️About Astar Network
Astar Network stands as a beacon of innovation, championing the frontier of web3 infrastructure. With scalability and efficiency at its core, Astar empowers groundbreaking developments in decentralised applications and gaming.

Unveiling the MOU Highlights

This exhilarating Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signifies a shared vision between GensoKishi and Astar Network. Together, we pledge to herald a new era by deploying Genso on Astar’s zkEVM, igniting a revolution in web3 gaming. Our collaboration extends far beyond integration — we’re excited to create vibrant events, engaging marketing campaigns, and exclusive in-game treasures and orchestrating the grand launch of Astar’s Ethereum L2.

What Lies Beyond?

Prepare yourselves for an odyssey filled with excitement! Keep a keen eye as we navigate the integration process, unlocking the true essence of blockchain-powered gaming. Expect regular updates as our collaboration unfolds, shaping a gaming universe beyond imagination.

Together, GensoKishi and Astar Network embark on a legendary quest, uniting technology and entertainment to forge a new era in web3 gaming.

Brace yourselves, noble warriors, as we enter this unparalleled adventure!

Join us in rewriting the future of gaming.

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