[March 9, 2023] Scheduled System Maintenance

[March 9, 2023] Scheduled System Maintenance

We will be conducting a scheduled Marketplace maintenance on March 9th, 2023 from 03:00-10:00 UTC.
Please refer to the following for details:

■ Maintenance Time
March 9, 2023 from 03:00-10:00 (UTC)

■ Maintenance Contents
・The Rare & Normal Gacha will be available on the Marketplace!
( New Coplay Gear sets added to the Rare Gacha: Assassin, Lollipopper, Knight, Dragon Buster and Vampire)
 - As the new Rare-Grade Cosplay Gears are currently only available for presale, players will be able to equip the gears acquired starting from March 14th, 2023.
・Marketplace’s display language will automatically switch based on the user’s browser’s language setting.
 - If an unsupported language is detected, the Marketplace will be in English.
・Selecting “Special item,” “LAND,” or “Consumption Items” within the Marketplace will transfer users to the Secondary Market instead of the Official Marketplace.

Thank you for your continued support of GensoKishi Online.

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