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Pool amount to be revised on:
June 28, 2022

Advantages of Staking MV

・As a reward for staking MV, you will receive ROND coins.
 Plans to list ROND on Cryptocurrency Exchanges are in the works, so be early and join the excitement!

・Staking more than 10,000 MVs will earn you the right to win an exclusive "Surprise NFT".
 We will notify you when we distribute them, through our various social media channels. Be sure to follow us!

・Be one of the first ever to play GensoKishi Online by staking over 22,000 MVs to participate in the Closed Alpha / Beta Tests!
 *Members who are eligble to participate in the Closed Alpha / Beta Tests will receive the rights once the Staking Dapp has been updated.


・This staking system is for MV (ERC20) only.

・Purchasing MV(Polygon) on exchanges will not increase the number of MV(ERC20) you have in the staking system.
 Also be aware that you will not be able to stake with MV (Polygon) on as well.

・Please DO NOT send MVs directly to the contract connected to the Staking Dapp.
 Staking is ONLY accepted through this Staking Dapp system.
 We WILL NOT be able to refund you even accidentally send MVs directly to the contract.

About GensoKishi Staking Dapp

If you wish to participate in this staking, you will need a Metamask wallet.

The staking process will vary depending on what device you choose to use, whether it is the smartphone MetaMask app or on the computer. If this is your first time staking, please make sure to read the instructions for each device before participating.


Metaverse (MV) is the governance token and is the most important token in the game.

MV is the currency that GensoKishi uses outside of the game to govern the GensoKishi Metaverse.

Contract Address



ROND acts as GensoKishi’s in-game stable coin.

It constitutes the entire in-game economy.

ROND can be earned in-game or as a result of staking the MV token. ROND is planned to listed soon.

Contract Address



Staking is a system that rewards those who believe in “GensoKishi Online - META WORLD -“.

Users who are willing to lock their MV tokens in the “GensoKishi Online Staking Dapp” for a certain period of time will be rewarded ROND tokens.

Staking more than 22,000 MVs will earn you the right to participate in our closed α and β test play, scheduled for May and June 2022 respectively.

*If you are eligible for the Closed Alpha and Beta Tests, you will receive the right once the Staking Dapp is updated and we add the distribution function. (Please be aware that you are not immediately granted the right the minute you stake 22,000 MVs.

*Users who stake MV will be granted the right to create their own UGC. This function will be added in a later phase, and the amount to be staked will be announced then.

How much ROND do I get?

The ROND Coin are paid out in accordance to the following rules:

・You must stake MV to earn ROND.

・You can unstake your MV at any time.

・The amount of ROND you earn, will depend on the amount of MV staked.

・You must stake for at least 3 days, to claim your ROND.

・The user is responsible for the GAS fee that occurs when staking, unstaking, and claiming ROND.

・The daily reward pool will be revised periodically.

・The amount of ROND you earn, depends on the ratio of the amount of MV you have staked and the total amount staked.

・If you increase the amount of MVs you stake, you will earn more ROND.

How to stake from your Smartphone

① Download "MetaMask" (wallet app) from AppStore or Google Play.

② Create an account with MetaMask.

③ Choose Ethereum MainNet as your Network

④ Accessing the GensoKishi Staking Dapp from MetaMask's browser

Please access the following URL

⑤ Select "Connect Wallet".

⑥ Enter the amount you want to deposit and press the "Stake" button.

You have successfully staked your MV!

Please prepare ETH tokens in your MetaMask wallet. They are required as GAS fees.

How to stake from your computer

① Add the "MetaMask" extension on Google Chrome from the Chrome Web Store.


② Create an account with MetaMask.

* If you have MV tokens in other wallet services, you will need to import your wallet account with your private key to be able to access your MV tokens in MetaMask.

③ Allow the Ethereum network to be set as the main net in MetaMask.

④ Access the GensoKishi online staking system with a browser that has the MetaMask plugin.

Please access the following URL

⑤ Select "Connect to MetaMask Wallet" and login with MetaMask.

⑥ Enter the amount you wish to deposit, and click the "Stake" button.
 This completes your participation in staking.
 At this time, "ETH" is required as GAS fee,
 so please add ETH to your MetaMask wallet beforehand.

This completes your participation in staking.

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